Company structure Information Letter with names and authorities.

We, «Научно-Производственное Предприятие «Завод Инновационного Промышленного оборудования»» ООО «НПП «ЗИПо» (In Russian language) Scientific-Production Enterprise “Plant of Innovative Industrial Equipment” Limited Liability Company NPP ZIPo LLC (In English Language), confirm the following structure of our company and ownership of our trademarks for Russia and Internationally.

We as a producer of Road stabilizer, owner of patented technology “Чимстон” (in Russian Language) and “RoadstaB” (in English Language) to be used in English speaking countries.

Internationally we are being represented by ООО «Роудстэб технология» (in Russian Language) RoadstaB Technologies LLC (In English Language), through which we market our product in English Speaking -international market. We authorize representative offices of RoadstaB Technologies to market our product and use our product only and apply for required documents for working, test certificates, performance certificates, registering trademark etc.

Our construction wing is ООО «Национальные Ресурсы» (In Russian Language) “National Resources LLC” (In English) is an Exclusive Construction Unit, who deals with renting equipment, civil construction of projects, participate in tenders, and takes construction projects in Russia using our product. We authorize them to construct projects by using our product in Russia and internationally.

Rights of holding the right of intellectual property of trademark "RoadstaB" remains with our sister concern RoadstaB Technologies LLC.

Фото продукции RoadstaB

Фото с объектов строительства с применением RoadStaB